Monday, December 19, 2016

Holiday Greeting Cards

Spread your holiday cheer! Printed holiday greeting cards with my nature photography are available. Need 1 or 25? I have a variety to choose from. Receive a 25% discount at checkout! (Apply code: WinterCraze16Promo)

1 - 5x7 Folded Card w/ Envelope $8.95
10 - 5x7 Folded Cards w/ Envelope $34.95
25 - 5x7 Folded Cards w/ Envelope $76.95

1. Select your favorite photo on my website at:
2. Select "BUY".
3. Select "Create a Card"
4. Select 4"x8" or 5"x7" card type.
5. Customize your card with the hundreds of card designs available.
This is a great way to keep your dear hearts warm!

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Friday, December 16, 2016

Winter Craze 2016 Special!

It's gift buying season! Here's a chance to buy a photo from my photo adventures. Customize an image from my select galleries & apply "WinterCraze16Promo" to receive a 25% discount during checkout.

How to 
 It's easy! Pick your the photo you want, select "buy", and select what cool gift you'd like to create. This is great for making postcards and holiday cards! Available for Wall art, prints, keepsakes (i.e. mugs, key chains, coasters, puzzles, etc.), iphone or android cases, etc. One use per customer. Expires 12/31/16 at midnight.

Further Customization
Even better! Personalize it even more. Set up a photo session with me. The printed item would be photographs from our photo session instead of my photo adventure pictures. Additional costs will apply (See "Services" tab above for pricing details).

There are so many items to choose from! Visit my website to get started.


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Simmons Island on Ice

In one of my wondrous explorations of the lakefront of Simmons Island I came across some curious abstract ice transformations. There were so many kinds! Glaze ice on the pier and on grass blades, frozen sand ice shelves, baby glacier formations. It was non-stop ice formation discoveries. Ivory came along and trotted along the lakefront like she didn't mind the cold. She loved it.

Simmons Island on Ice. 2013-2014.

Check out more of these abstract ice formations in the slideshow below.


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Winter in Kenosha

A winter in Kenosha, Wisconsin is pretty unique in that since we are adjacent to Lake Michigan we experience a major dynamic confluence of weather systems. Sometimes this causes less snow or more snow. Regardless, I love the weather phenomenon this brings. February of this year was filled with many interesting photographic opportunities.

Frozen Port of Kenosha
Port of Kenosha- Kenosha, Wisconsin. 2016.

  See more Kenosha wonderland photography in the slideshow below:

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Pet Photography and Tips

A few tips on working with animals during a photo session

1. Always have a lint roller or wide masking tape present. (For your own clothes and of course
    your props.          
2. Have a shiny, stringy, and noisy toy at the ready. (Ex:A small bell with a metal chain)
This will grab their attention and should get them to focus on your lens when working on  portraits.
3. Pet the animal and make it comfortable. Many of them love attention.
4. If they are allowed to,have a treat ready.

These aren't all the tips, but they are the most useful.

The lovely cat, Libby.