Friday, August 26, 2016


Visit Kenosha's Sculpture Walk by Simmons Island. This sculpture, named GraffGiraffe, was created by Joe Gagnepain. This colorful and amazing tall piece, which was created with found objects, stands almost life size. Not something to miss! This is one of my favorite snapshots of  GraffGiraffe. See more of these amazing sculptures at

2015-2017 Sculpture Walk - GraffGiraff

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Exploring Downtown Kenosha

Southport Marina. Kenosha, WI. 2016.

Southport Marina. Kenosha, WI. 2016.

 Playing with light today while venturing through downtown Kenosha. This particular statue is displayed just north of the Southport Marina and a few feet south of the Kenosha Public Museum. What appeals to me about this feminine statue are the calm expressions on the women and the smooth and dramatic natural contour lines on the robes. Women working together and being pillars of strength.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Send Me On A Photo Quest

I encourage anyone to send me on a photo quest. What subject matter do you want me to photograph? It's more of a challenge that I would love to meet.

Follow these 3 steps:
  1. Email me what you'd like me to photograph with great specificity.
  2. Purchase "Photo Quest" request (available below).
  3. After my quest is complete, I'll send you the original photographs from my quest along with a personal and commercial use photo release signed by me. (Ex: Purchase Photo Quest with 5 Original Photos and I will provide you with 5 original QUALITY (Original is equal to the full size approximately 4672px by 3104px or 3104px by 4672px and from 5-7 MB) photos along with the signed photo release. Time to complete this quest is reasonably dependent on my ability to attain the subject matter or activity.

VOILĂ€! That's it.

Photo Quest

Please note: Photographs may not infringe on current U.S. copyright law nor depict any type of illegal activity.